When Will I Know It’s Time To Consider Independent Living?

From just a decade ago, there are increasingly different and frankly better options available for seniors to spend their retirement years.

Presented the choices can be a bit overwhelming sure, but know that there are many resources available now more than ever. From a quick online search, to referrals, and even aggregate review websites, your decision should be thoughtful and educated.

While many seniors prefer to age in place at their current residence, there are plenty of options with several key benefits that should be considered for both the safety of the individual, as well as the assurance of the closest family and friends.


I’m Too Young For Independent Living

It’s quite common for seniors to be resistant to moving into independent living or assisted living communities. It can be perceived negatively, as the penultimate step in life, and that’s a perfectly rational reservation to have. 

Some seniors though too, feel as though they aren’t “old enough,” and have too much energy for senior living arrangements. 

The best age will ultimately be determined by the individual, but there are many benefits that come with independent living that are suitable for a wide array of people and their needs.


Retirement On Your Own Terms 

Independent living is perfect for seniors who want to maintain a sense of normalcy while transitioning to assisted living and retirement atmosphere.

The Fountains provides many engaging activities, services, and amenities that keep the mind sharp and body moving. But you are still free to choose how you spend your time. These are value additions to give you options.

And if the time comes that higher levels of care are needed, the transition to on-site assisted living or memory care becomes much easier, and you still have the community you’ve built your independent living around.


Time Is Precious, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

The last thing you want to pour your time into during your retirement years is home maintenance. While many do enjoy activities such as gardening for meditative and quality of life reasons, those minor inconveniences just eat up too much of your precious time.

Independent living boasts a maintenance free lifestyle for residents, affording them more time for activities and leisure. Indoor and outdoor maintenance is all covered at the Fountains, giving you more time to enjoy your time the way you want. Utilities including electric, water, sewer, and trash are all taken care of, and our staff performs bi-weekly housekeeping.  


A Community Of Great Stories, Experience 

Aging in place can be difficult and isolating. It’s already a struggle to maintain connection to family and friends as we age, but having limited access to like-minded people who are at a similar stage in their life gets even more difficult with the years.

Giving people the opportunity to experience and live in a community of rich stories and life experience is the mission of the Fountains. Our community is the residents. 

Physical and mental health are top priorities. With independent living at the Fountains, you are able to take advantage of a great community and even greater support, with our friendly and accommodating staff always available. 

Live your retirement on your terms, but with the security of the fantastic community of the Fountains of West County.  

If you have questions for yourself or a loved one about our independent living options, give us a call today: 636-779-2600