The Fountains of West County was transformed into the land of Oz during Resident Appreciation Week. Fun and excitement filled the air as residents participated in themed events including a scavenger hunt, crafts, a staff performance of “The Wizard of Oz, and much more!” The week concluded with a special surf and turf dinner over the rainbow, in the Emerald City. There is no place like home at The Fountains of West County!

Rainbow Cardboard Standup
The Staff of The Fountains of West County performs “The Wizard of Oz” during resident appreciation week

Name The President

Here at The Fountains we love trivia, this week our trivia revolves around our U.S. presidents. Each day a new picture is put out and residents have to guess which famous president it is.

Can you guess today’s president?

-He is the oldest living president at 96

-He is from Georgia

-He was the first president born in a hospital

-He was awarded the Nobel Peace price in 2002

COVID-19 Vaccines

Today our residents and staff got their second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. We are so fortunate here at The Fountains to be able to receive our vaccinations to help protect our loved ones and our community. A special thank you to all the wonderful pharmacists who braved the snow to come administer our vaccines, we appreciate you all!

Stay safe and warm everyone!

Super Bowl Happy Hour

Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

What better way to celebrate the Super Bowl than a Happy Hour Super Bowl party hosted by none other than Serita! Drinks were served and nachos were eaten, all while filing out a football score board in hopes that one lucky resident will have put their name in the winning spot!

Who are you rooting for, the Chiefs or the Buccaneers?

Knitting Club

Members of our Knitting Club have been hard at work knitting hundreds of warm hats to be donated this winter season. The knit hats are being donated to City Hope St. Louis, a non-profit organization providing shelter and resources for individuals experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. City Hope St. Louis has 7 locations across the St. Louis area where the knit hats will be donated to. With a mission of “Curing homelessness, loving people, and impacting the world”, our knitting club ladies have chosen a great organization to donate to.

Memorial Balloon Release

2020 was a challenging year to say the least. It was a year of hardships and trying our best to adjust to the new norms brought on by COVID. We unfortunately lost a number of our loved ones, spouses, friends, neighbors, parents, grandparents, etc. To honor all those that we lost, we came together as a community, and held a socially distant memorial balloon release.

The service was held in our Courtyard Café, where one of our staff members, John, gave a beautiful and meaningful remembrance speech before we stepped into the courtyard to release our balloons in honor of those we lost this year.

Here at The Fountains we love each other like family, it was so amazing to see everyone come together during these hard times and remember our loved ones and remain hopeful for what 2021 will bring us.

New Years Eve at The Fountains

Goodbye 2020 and Hello 2021! We were unable to celebrate in the normal Fountains fashion due to COVID, instead the fun was delivered to our residents’ apartments. Happy Hour carts went around on every floor delivering cocktails, snacks, 2021 party hats, and fun noisemakers to help ring in the new year.

In the evening our Dietary staff treated our residents to a delicious New Years Eve Surf N Turf meal with shrimp cocktail, steak, salmon, gouda mashed potatoes, asparagus, cheesecake and more!