Testimonials From Our Residents

test-home“I love living here at The Fountains of West County Independent Living because it’s allowed me to really enjoy these older years without being burdened with all the chores of ordinary daily life. With those taken care of, I now have not just the time, but also the energy for more activities and for exploring new opportunities for learning and growth. I have always believed that older people should live together in communities to avoid loneliness and inspire them to pursue new interest to keep healthy and active. And that has proved to be very true for me here.

The Fountains has an outstanding staff who keep us busy with all kinds of events, entertainment and challenges and see that we ate always well cared for. You’ll find we also have a congenial group of residents who are friendly and welcoming. Altogether it’s a carefree and independent lifestyle which can’t be beat!”

Phyllis Abrams

vandyke“I am Harry Van Dyke and became a resident of The Fountains of West County in April of this year and what a wonderful experience it has been! Truly the right decision for me to make. Thanks to Linda and her staff the entire move it was flawless.

The accommodations are “up town” and more than ever meet my needs. The apartment is spacious and bright. The restaurant is first class. The workers have personality and strive to make the dining experience enjoyable. Getting acquainted with all the resident makes dining so pleasant.

Each day there is something for everybody to do. The monthly activity calendar is full and includes trips through-out the area.

Let me say again… this was the right thing for me to do!”

Harry Van Dyke

dadmom“We moved my Dad and Stepmom to the independent living at The Fountains of West County about a year and a half ago. They loved it. However, as time went on my Dad’s Alzheimer’s got increasingly worse. My Stepmom also has it. It was time to move them to the new Assisted Living Memory Care building at The Fountains of West County. They have been there now for about 6 months. They love it and so do we. Their floor and their apartment are just like a regular independent floor residence. The community is brand new and beautiful. The nurses and staff are excellent. They are always there for the residents and families. They are so friendly and helpful. They always have a good sense of humor and a lot of patience. The entire staff is also extremely caring and responsible. We both find ourselves less worried about my Dad and Stepmom now, as we know they are getting great care. We would highly recommend The Fountains of West County.”

Karen & Debi

“My Dad became the first resident of The Fountains of West County Assisted Living- Memory Care in January of 2015. Well, he instantly became the resident rock star because he got all the attention from the staff. It’s really a great facility, new, clean, comfortable, but what makes it special are the people. Not only do the caregivers, medical staff, and the activity staff show their concern for the residents, but it’s not uncommon for the one of the cleaning people or the food service people to come over and give a hug or a kind word. I have concerns about my Dad’s condition, but my mind is eased a great deal because I know he’s in good hands. I am updated on a regular basis regarding any of his needs. I’m able to see how the others are cared for as well since the residents are their own community. They are like family to each other. I checked out quite a few other facilities and I am pleased with my decision to have my Dad at The Fountains.”

Jim Kowal

I Love to be social… and The Fountains offers everything I could imagine and more!

Taffy Parker

I am proud to call The Fountains my Home!

Katie Walsh