Memory Care: Dining

Meals can be challenging for seniors who have dementia related diseases and Alzheimer’s disease and for their family caregivers. The disease causes vision impairments including the loss of depth perception. This makes it harder for people with Alzheimer’s to distinguish the food on their plate.

We designed our own dining program to help adults with dementias  and Alzheimer’s overcome mealtime obstacles. Our Memory Care Neighborhood resident’s benefit from a supportive and peaceful dining environment.

Here is what you will find at The Fountains of West County:

  • A warm and home-like dining room with a full kitchen.
  • Home-style meals with foods chosen for their nutritional value as well as sensory and visual appeal. The sight and smell of food can help increase the amount a person with Alzheimer’s eats.
  • We utilize placemats and dinnerware in contrasting colors to make the plate and the foods on it easier to distinguish.
  • Specially trained Alzheimer’s caregivers assist residents during mealtimes in ways that promote success and self-esteem.
  • Foods are prepared in a manner that makes them easier to eat. Bite-sized foods and finger foods allow for mealtime success.